Clean & Build India

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” -Leo Tolstoy"
It is of great concern for all humankind, that we are not doing enough to preserve and conserve the life resources offered unto us by our one and only planet. The bond between human and nature is weakening in an unimaginable pace. We, through the Clean and Build India Project have initiated small steps towards strengthening the bond by spreading social awareness as well as encouraging our members of the organisation to partake in various programmes initiated to save our environment.

Grocery Project

"I went back to work because someone had to pay for the groceries." -Bette Davis Every household is in need of grocery for their survival. We at KNSS came up with the idea to develop a project where in the basic requirements of our communities could be fulfilled. Most of our communities face the challange of availing adequate supply of groceries due to their villages being located far away from the town/cities. Under the grocery project... we have opened Grocery stores at various locations which shall be operated by the members of the community. By subscribing to a membership, they can avail commodities in discounted price. KNSS is trying to collaborate with various suppliers for all types of FMCG products. The whole community is benefited by this, as it solves the problem of travelling to distant location as well as availing the essentials at the time of need.

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“Today’s young generation will be key contributors as our leaders of tomorrow.” -Scott Cooper Miami
There is always a need of support required for the hardworking students who have the capability to achieve but lack financial support. KNSS has always tried to provide educational support to many aspirants starting from primary, high school to higher secondary students. We have also been successfull in supporting... individuals who want to pursue higher studies such as Advance Computer Training in Designing, Accountancy and M.S.W ( Post Graduate) Courses. We have helped 6 girls for pursuing GNM( General Nursing and Midwifery ) courses. 8 youths have completed their courses and sustained their lives. Till date KNSS has helped more than 300 students to pursue their dreams and become key contributors as leaders.

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Old Age Home

The harvest of old age is the recollection and abundance of blessing previously secured. -Marcus Tullius Cicero
Our parents have always tried to do the best for us and when they grow old, it becomes our responsibility to take care of them. Our senior friends have so much of knowledge to impart to our younger generation. We would like to build a bond between the older and younger generation. There are many who do not get the opportunity to be treated well, when they grow old. KNSS has taken the initiative to build... an Old Age Home for all who lack the facility. We are in possession of the land to build a centre, but lack funds to complete the project. We request one and all to support us, so that we could be a channel of support for our senior friends and provide them a better place in our society. As the saying goes "Old poeple are not to be dishonourd, after all they saw the sun first."

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Hygiene Drive

Who makes our women completely hygienic and safe in today's world? When we talk about hygiene and health for women it's the Sanitary napkin (pads). We will make a difference, the day when the packet of pads will not be covered by a black polythene. -Saransh
We all look forward to the day when the issue of providing basic hygiene to all women is being addressed in an open space. Let us not speak behind screens anymore. There are many instances, where girls face the need of having a... sanitary napkin handy during their unannounced occurrence of menstrual cycles and fail to avail one because they are in schools or colleges. KNSS with the partnership of NISCHIT has taken the initiative of installing Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines across schools and colleges to avoid such situations. Let us all support for changing the "days" to happy days.

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In every situation we are in need of services. KNSS has taken the initiative of connecting and bringing every skilled personnel trained to perform various jobs on one platform. Facilitating their need to reach potential consumers as well as helping them to create a stable source of income.

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